Angola: new law on urban lease enters into force in January 2016
The new Angolan law on urban lease, published last October, enters into force in January 21st, 2016. Several changes are on the way Read More


Special Economic Zones offer tax benefits
New measures are intended to promote the implementation of a diversified and competitive business fabric with a strong potential for encouraging employment, and offer tax benefits Read More
Provisions applicable to companies subject to the Industrial Tax
These rules define the regime of the provisions applicable to all commercial companies and entities subject to the Industrial Tax, even if these are exempt therefrom Read More
GSB 2016: special contribution on banking transactions
The Government proposes the implementation of a Special Contribution on Banking Transactions, of 0,1% on the value of each transaction to be performed. Read More


CSLL aggravated by financial entities
The provisional measure establishing the raise of the Social Contribution on the Net Profit, payable by private insurance and capitalization legal entities, was recently converted into law  Read More
NF-e regularization procedures
São Paulo Tax Administration Coordinator clarifies the correct procedure to amend incorrect NF-e de Importação and NF-e Complementar de Importação Read More
Tax information exchange agreement with Switzerland
Last November 23rd, in Brasília, an agreement was signed for tax information exchange between Brazil and Switzerland Read More


Macao wants to raise taxes on vehicles
Government announces the intention to raise motor vehicle tax and to end tax exemption for tourism busses. Legislation will be revised in order to reduce the time period between mandatory inspection for vehicles used for eight years or more, and set criteria for exhaust gases emissions and control measures. Read More


Labour mediation at development hubs in Mozambique
The Mediation procedure for labour disputes will be expanded to development hubs, specially in districts with a relevant global economic and social activity. Read More
Angola and Mozambique sign investment and cooperation agreements
Both countries have signed an investment promotion and protection agreement and a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the industry domain  Read More
Private Management Credit Information System aprooved
As from January 4th, 2016, the new Private Management Credit Information System enters into force Read More


Portugal: below-cost sales regime with new rules
New rules enter into force as from December 7th and concern this regime scope of application, the subject or abusive commercial practices, transparency of pricing policies and sales conditions and aspects of below-cost sale Read More
Labour compensation fund altered
The latest changes to the labour compensation fund and labour compensation guarantee fund legal regimes entered into force in November 23rd and are applicable to work contracts concluded after this day or terminated on from this day, as appropriate Read More
Europe: tax dividends paid by subsidiaries or affiliates of a group
Differentiated taxation of dividends paid by parent companies in a group with integrated taxes, depending on the location of the subsidiaries, counters the law of the European Union. Read More

East Timor

National Petroleum Authority shall regulate mining areas
Council of Ministers decided to amend the NAP statutes and bestow a new mission as regulatory entity for licensing and mining activities Read More
2016 budget draft in the National Parliament
The National Budget draft for 2016 was submitted to the members of the National Parliament, prior to the official Budget submission to the Parliament Read More

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