Angola: Procedures for private investment established
Last September 30th, the diploma approving the Procedural Regulation for Private Investment entered into force, executing the Private Investment law (Lei do Investimento Privado - LIP).This regulation applies to projects initiated after its entry into force, but can be applied to procedures in a process previously initiated, provided the rules to be applied are more favourable and are required by the person concerned.   Read More


Oil companies must deliver human resources development plan for 2016
Oil companies with programme contracts in force must submit their human resources development plan to the Ministry for Petroleum until October 31st Read More
New Securities regime in force
In August 31st entered into force the new legal regime for securities, thereby repealing the previous legislation opposing the same subject. Read More
Venture Capital Collective Investment Undertakings regulated
Venture capital investment regime, through Venture Capital Collective Investment Undertakings was regulated through a diploma that entered into force in September 16th Read More


Tax Substitution Specifier
A new agreement established a list of 25 goods and commodities that are subjected to the tax substitution regime or to the tax collection anticipation of ICMS Read More
Special Administrative Collection for recovery of tax credits
An ordinance issued by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Office establishes the procedures to be adopted for recovery of tax credits eventually falling within the Special Administrative Collection system Read More


Prices in Macao raise 4.64% in August
The year-on-year inflation in August, in Macao, recorded a 4.64% raise due to the raise in housing costs and the price of meals bought away from home. According to the Statistics and Census Office, the pace of this raise was off-set by the reduction in fuel and liquefied petroleum gas prices, as well as by the drop in touristic tours prices   Read More


New regime for plastic bags
On August 5th, the diploma establishing the rules for production, import, sale and use of plastic bags entered into force, aiming at reducing its negative impact in human health, infrastructures and the environment in general. Read More
Operators with new obligations regarding SIM Cards
On 28 August a new regime establishing new rules for activating SIM cards entered into force, and must be followed by telecommunication operators and public service providers Read More
Resting time for drivers
New diploma approved, regulating the driving and resting time for professional drivers, as well as the fitting and usage conditions for tachographs in passenger and cargo public transportation vehicles Read More


Requirements for obtaining GOLD Visa
A new diploma is in force since the beginning of September and establishes the various minimum requirements to be met to obtain residence permits for investment activity purposes Read More
Investment support regime regulated
Regulation on specific aspects of the investment support tax regime was recently published Read More
Retained or reinvested profits deduction regulated
The regulation of the retained or reinvested profits deduction (DLRR), included in the Tax Code of Investment was published Read More

East Timor

Consultation with Indonesia on Sea Borders
On September the 18th, the process of delimiting the permanent sea border between East-Timor and Indonesia was initiated. These bilateral talks shall define all sea areas between the States. Read More
Arbitration proceedings under the Timor Sea Treaty
The Government of East Timor informed the Government of Australia about having opened an arbitrage proceeding under the Timor Sea Treaty, in order to solve the dispute between the two governments regarding the correct interpretation of the Timor Sea Treaty Read More

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